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1959 Bender Motorbike - $3500
1970's Fan Propelled Bicycle
California Motor Mount - $5000
1968 Cox Bronco Motor Bike Kit - $200
1960 Cushman Modified Rat Rod
1946 Doodle Bug Scooter - $6500
Duncan Bicycle Motor
Earnshaw Road Arro - $1800
1940 Gest Scooter
1949 Globe Model 27 - Yellow - $9500
Huffy Whizzer - $4000
1949 Jack & Heintz Twin Motor Bike - $6000
1940s Jacobson Bike
1945 Keen Power Cycle Scooter - $6000
1945 Kraft Motor Scooter - $3000
1947 LaRay Black Bike - $4000
Laray Electra Cycle
Lowther-Indian Stake Body - $9500
1948 Lowther Stylemaster - $12,500
Bill Martin Road Runner Jack & Heintz set up
Martin Road Runner burbank ca. Whizzer - $12.000
Mikey Bike The Animal Motor Bike
Mikey Bike Model S24
Mikey Bike Model 71
Monark Super Twin - $7000
1939 Motormaster - $13,500
1939 MotoScoot - $3000
1940's Motoscoot - $2200
Late 1940s MotoScoot - $5500
1964 Mustang Thoroughbred - $9000
1955 Pony Cycle - $12.000
Pony Cycle Original Unrestored - $3000
Pony Cycle Step Through - $3000
1949 Powell Custom Model P-81 Motorcycle - $6.000
1948 Roadmaster Whizzer - Blue - $3500
1948 Roadmaster Whizzer - $2900
1948 Safticycle Sportster - $2900
1951 Safticycle Commando - $3300
Sears Father & Son Motor Bike Kit - $1200
1958 Simplex Sportsman Sr. - $6000
1954 Rat Simplex - $1200
1950 Spiegel Airman Burgandy - $6000
1951 Spiegel Airman (2 speed) - $6000
1952 Spiegel Airman (2 speed) - $6000
1939 Springcycle - $1800
1960 Steen Gasser Scooter - $2000
1950 Travis Motor Bike - $1800
Whizzer Display Board
1951 Whizzer Ambassador - $6750
1939 Whizzer Model D - $2500
1950 Whizzer Service Pick-Up - $7,950
1950 Whizzer Sportsman - $4,500
1952 Whizzer Sportsman - $5,200
1965 Whizzer Wasp Bikes (1 and 2) - $4500/$5000
Whizzer Newsletter
Wyse Cycle Scooter - $17,500
1960 Yardman Motorette - $2,500

This page offers viewers a look into some of the restoration projects that are currently in progress. Be sure to visit often to see new projects that are being restored or to see the finished outcome! 

1965 Whizzer Wasp Schwinn
1965 Whizzer Wasp Schwinn

Whizzer's Last Hurrah - 1965 Whizzer Wasp Motorbike

Here is our latest project - all NOS Whizzer components - upgrades to the Wasp. We will have the motor installed by Fall, 2011

1950 Whizzer Sportsman
1950 Whizzer Sportsman
Sportsman with Albion 3 speed Transmission

Dynacycle Motorbike Kit
Restoration of DYNACYCLE Motorbike Kit
Restoration of a DynaCycle motorbike on a Schwinn S-8

Whizzer Motorbike with Albion 2 speed transmission
Whizzer Motorbike with Albion 2 speed transmission and Martin Roadrunner Fork

Latest Project
Working on our home-made Doodle Bug...Our next project is in the back - Schwinn Whizzer WZ

What's this?  Mikey Bike goes Electric?  So Green!
What's this? Mikey Bike goes Electric? So Green - All the way down to the paint!

Finally did the finishing touches on the eco-friendly LaRay Electa-Cycle.  The LaRay Electra-Cycle features two 12-volt batteries to supply power to the 250-watt motor.

Added the final touches to the LaRay Electa-Cycle. It rides like a dream!
laray electra bike side view
La Ray Electra Bike


Simplex frame as seen on American Pickers.

Mikes Motorshop

1948 Lowther Stylemaster


1948 Lowther Stylemaster
The Lowther Stylemaster is finished. Come see it at Portland this year!
Rat Symplex Project

mikes motorshop

Finished Rat Simplex

Rat Simplex Project
The Rat Simplex project is finished. Come See it at Portland this year.
Safticycle Commando Motorbike Project

Safticycle Commando Motorbike Project
First thing back from Portland we reassembled this barn-find 1951 SaftiCycle Comando.
SaftiCycle Motor Bike Project

Safticycle - sanded frame and fenders plus more!

Safticycle Scooter Project
We had a lot of fun restoring this Safticycle scooter!
2008 Whizzer Ambassador Custom Project

New UPDATE - 2008 Whizzer Ambassador Project!
2008 Wizzer Ambassador
Whizzer Motor Bike Ambassador Project

2008 Whizzer Ambassador Custom Project

We would like to share the issues that we have been grappling over the past few weeks.  We need to let you know that this bike is overweight and underpowered.  We hope our efforts will improve these issues.  For now, here is an overview of what we've been working on:

  • Cosmetically corrected the right swingarm by removing the ugly tab
  • Replacing the 26" wheels with 24" wheels and  now use 24X300 DOT tires. 
  • Designing special sheave spacers to accommodate the wider tire. 
  • Repositioning the front pulley for a straighter belt position. 
  • Tackling the issues with the kickstand since it wasn't casted correctly
  • Relocating the fenders with shorter fender braces to accommodate the weight of the rear light by tapping and threading the braces into the swingarm.
  • Designing a block to handle the twitchiness of the rear swing arm
  • Working on a solution for the foot pegs - possibly relocating them


1947 Blue LaRay Motor Bike Project

MikeyBike Team and the LaRay owners - the Lynn Family

The finished product!!
Handlebars and more....
The addition of the belts and guard
Addition of more parts!
Adding the wire for the rear light

Adding wheels and tires....

Adding wheels and tires....

Now the addition of the motor!
The addition of fenders, stem, and lights
Picture of the motor badge

Close up of the head tube badge

And then the addition of the gas tank

Restoration of a 1947 LaRay

Restoration of a 1947 LaRay

1947 LaRay Scooter Project
We had the opportunity to restore a LaRay scooter for the Lynn Family.  This project was a blast.  Here are some images depicting the restoration project.